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What makes her feat even more amazing is that Jaide was born with only one hand, but that doesn't stop the inspiring softball player from catching, throwing, or hitting the ball.

Real Inspirational Stories From Real Girls

While girl's got serious talent, Jaide says the thing she is most happy for is the friendship of her teammates. Talk about a true power girl! Courtesy of Skicks. Instead of letting her loss get her down, Erica was determined to stay active and decided to join a wheelchair basketball team.

Even though she started out as a bench warmer because she wasn't yet comfortable playing in a wheelchair like her teammates, her dedication to improving her wheelchair skills got her off the bench and onto the court. By the end of her first year on the team, she started at the championship game at the National Invitational Tournament. She plans to play college ball and then for a national team! Two years later, she invented the iCPooch, a wireless automated treat-dispensing device that allows pet owners to 2-way video chat with their dog when they're away and give with a touch of a button on their smartphones tell the machine to dispense a snack for their pup!

Brooke's innovative machine won her GeekWire's Inventions We Love award, and she got to present her invention to tech leaders from all around the country at their technology summit.

Real Girl Stories

I mean, kids, dogs… I was trying to call in sick. I was saying there is no freakin' way I am going in after that genius. The girls plan to continue their study of Rhizobium, because they believe it can help combat global food poverty and reduce the use of harmful fertilizers.

ABC News. During a recent match against another high school, on the fifth hole, Samantha hit her first hole-in-one ever! But three holes later, she hit another hole-in-one! Samantha told ABC6 that her competitor was just as amazed as she was, saying, "How am I supposed to compete with this?

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This is ridiculous! NBC 10 Philadelphia. Instead of letting their expensive violins fall apart, they decided to take their talents to the streets of Philadelphia to fund their own instrument repairs. All summer, the girls hit up parks, public transportation stations, and street corners, playing their violins for up to 8 hours a day for donations. The three siblings used the coding skills they picked up at MIT's k12 Scratch and App Inventor program to create the Five-O app—an app that allows citizens to enter the details of their interactions with any police officer across the country and rate that officer in terms of courtesy and professionalism.

The Christian siblings have also launched their own app development company called The Pinetart Team and have two more apps on the way!

follow Using recent research that shows the amount of sleep you get effects your overall physical and mental health, and that teens are actually hardwired to fall asleep later and wake up later, Jilly created a Facebook group, hung posters, and collected over signatures to petition the board to have the school day start later , not earlier. Not only did Jilly's efforts convince the school board to ditch the earlier start time, but they ended up pushing it back to am—a whole hour later!

The new start time is paying off for the students, too. A year after the new start time went into effect, her school's football team went to the state championships for the first time in 11 years, which is being attributed in part to the later start. Trisha created a software called "Rethink" that screens social media posts for offensive words like "loser," "ugly," and "stupid," and sends a message to the poster asking them to reconsider before posting.

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She'll find out if she wins in September, but whether she wins or not, "Rethink" is already helping to make the Internet a bully-free zone. She became so passionate about STEM that she created an engineering curriculum for students in the 5th to 12th grade to encourage students to participate in engineering fairs and create new innovations. Courtesy AP; Sports Illustrated.

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Little League Superstar Makes History. She also happens to be Mo'Ne Davis is blowing away the world of Little League, helping her team, the Taney Dragons, reach the championships by only allowing three hits in the entire game. At least, that is how I see it. Improve the morale of kids and either the bullies themselves change or the others around the bullies stand up for themselves-all because they have confidence and a sense of self-worth.

Emily was teased as a young child for being overweight, leading her to change schools. One teen at a time. Congratulations , Emily. It is a global challenge to be innovative.

A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song

To be smart. To be cutting edge. Du kanske gillar. Let's Talk Turkey. And All the Trimmings Hearst E-bok. Ladda ned. Spara som favorit. Eleven girls share their stories about facing tough timesand coming out stronger. Want some major motivation to dream big and take on your next challenge?