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CISE Career Fair Fall 12222
  1. CIS is defining the research and educational agenda of the information age.
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  3. Is a Major in the Computer and Information Sciences Field for You?
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Students have the opportunity to develop their networking skills and gain internships and full-time positions with some of the best companies in the world. Companies get a direct connection with Florida's best and brightest and have the opportunity to choose their leaders of tomorrow.

CIS is defining the research and educational agenda of the information age.

Student registration opens Aug. Learn more about proper attire and interviewing tips on the main career fair website. Company registration opens in June. Learn more about the career fair and our sponsorship benefits.

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Students should also be critical thinkers, creative, and have the ability to work in a team and multitask. Although many students decide to pursue a bachelor's degree, some occupations within this field only require an associate's degree supplemented with relevant work experience.

This experience can be through an internship or job in the Computer and Information Sciences field. However, many companies require upper management to obtain a master's degree. Computer and Information Science is a quickly growing field. Many companies in a variety of industries are working to improve their computer networks or incorporate new technology into their businesses, creating a high demand for graduates with knowledge of computers, software, and programs.

After graduation, you should have no problem finding a job in all different industries. Whether you are interested in building a robot, putting together a company's computer network, or personalizing software, a degree in the Computer and Information Sciences field will provide you with the skills to work in many exciting industries.

Field at a Glance Yearly Graduations.

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College Ranking by Field of Study Click rankings below to view the top colleges in this field. Top Ranked. Top Online. They ranked the top 10 universities for computer science and information systems in A Computer Information Science degree gives students both network and computing knowledge which is needed to design, develop, and assist information systems which helps to solve business problems and to support business problems and to support business operations and decision making at a managerial level also.


Is a Major in the Computer and Information Sciences Field for You?

Due the nature of this field, many topics are also shared with computer science and information systems. The discipline of Information and Computer Science spans a vast range of areas from basic computer science theory algorithms and computational logic to in depth analysis of data manipulation and use within technology.

CIS Careers

The process of taking a given algorithm and encoding it into a language that can be understood and executed by a computer. There are many different types of programming languages and various different types of computers, however, they all have the same goal: to turn algorithms into machine code. Popular programming languages used within the academic study of CIS include, but are not limited to;. The academic study of software and hardware systems that process large quantities and data, support large scale data management and how data can be used.

The area of information systems focuses on the networks of hardware and software that are required to process, manipulate and distribute such data. The process of analysing computer architecture and various logic circuits. This involves looking at low level computer processes at bit level computation.

This is an in-depth look into the hardware processing of a computational system, involving looking at the basic structure of a computer and designing such systems. The main purpose behind this area of study is to achieve an understanding of how computers function on a basic level, often through tracing machine operations.

Computer & Information Sciences

This is the study into fundamental computer algorithms, which are the basis to computer programs. Without algorithms, no computer programs would exist. In an academic setting, this area would introduce the fundamental mathematical theorems and functions behind theoretical computer science which are the building blocks for other areas in the field. Complex topics such as; proofs, algebraic functions and sets will be introduced during studies of CIS.